Bushcraft Quiz

Here is our Bushcraft Survival Quiz. 15 questions about various aspects of bushcraft. Test your knowledge and see how you do.… Click here for more great info

One of a kind handmade woggles with engraved glass

Handmade silver woggle, engraved glass and presentation box

Unique Woggle & Engraved Glass in Presentation Box.


The World Scout Jamboree 2019 is in North America. To assist some individuals to raise funds Bushcraft For Kids have produced so unique sets celebrating what will be and amazing event and opportunity for young people.  Sterling silver handmade woggle engraved … Click here for more great info

Bite Sized Bushcraft – Finding Water

Finch in water

Bite Sized Bushcraft – Finding Water

As I child I would often watch Cowboy and Indian Movies and movies about people surviving in the wilderness. It would amaze me how a character would be in a bad way and suddenly see something that showed them the way to water, food … Click here for more great info

Bite Sized Bushcraft

Bite Size Bushcraft

Bite Sized Bushcraft

You may have heard the question “How do you eat a mountain of ice cream?” Answer “One spoonful at a time.” Learning Bushcraft can be daunting. There is so much to learn, where do you start? How can you learn all this? The answer is “One Spoonful … Click here for more great info

Fun Survivalist Quiz-Which Famous Survivalist Are You Like

survival quiz

Fun Survivalist Quiz.

Which Famous Survivalist Are You Like.

Four Questions to find out who you are like? Water, Fire, Shelter and Lost are the scenarios you will be asked about. Have a few minutes fun. You may be surprised. Dont forget to share it with your friends. They may … Click here for more great info