About Me and Bushcraft

I am Nicholas Castle and I live in the UK. Bushcraft has been somethung i have enjoyed most of my life. Life started life in a small farm cottage in a small village called Bretherton. This is situated just outside Southport in Lancashire and mental I lived with nature all around me.

I saw a man called Eddy Mcgee on television, in a programme called “Staying Alive” teaching children bushcraft skills. That was the first time I had heard people talk about the subject. Up until then I saw it as something that people did. I thought all children were taught about survival skills and nature and survival skills. My mum would takes me and my sister out for walks with our dogs. I would usually end up climbing boulders and small craggs. I was used to hearing cries of “Get down.” or “Be careful!”

At sixteen I decided to set a challenge and organised walking 100miles along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal over two days. People said is was stupid. However I learned a lot about me, success and failure.

The real motivator and inspiration was my uncle Frank. I would spend time with himself at his house in Cornwall during school holidays. He taught me about plants, Knots,  shooting, sailing, improvisation, navigation, fishing and the list goes on. What he inspired me to do was go out and have adventures.


There are no boundaries to adventure. Most of all, opportunities are around for all people go out into nature whether it is a walk in the countryside, climbing a mountain or walking across a previously explored route.

I now want children to experience what I did through bushcraft, nature and adventure. Teaching some basic bushcraft skills to bushcraft kids or parents opens there lives to adventure. Adventure equips young people to take on challenges they will face in their lives.