Bushcraft For Kids” You Can Survive With Bushcraft

 Learning Bushcraft and Survival Skills.

Summer Adventure Challenge

Bushcraft For Kids Summer Adventure Challenge

The Bushcraft For Kids Summer, Childrens Outdoor Activities.

The Adventure Challenge is here

Bushcraft For Kids, Using Skills Of The Past For Young People’s Future

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Bushcraft For Kids is a not for profit organisation that teaches skills to young people and families and encourages them to spend time outdoors together. Bushcraft activities for families are fun and help bring families together and grow as a family. At the same time giving young people skills to be successful and enjoy life.

Ditch The Tablet, Time For Fun With Bushcraft

Bushcraft and nature offer more than practical skills. Many people remember as a child playing outdoors and having adventures. Now many young people spend time indoors and talk about games consoles, tablets, internet and children’s television available any day or time. Technology isn’t bad, we just have let it take control of many things we do and how we spend our time.

Bushcraft, skills of the past lessons for the future.

Many skills used in bushcraft have been used for hundreds or even thousands of years. They also rooted in nature. Learning these skills is fun. Bushcraft For Kids also teaches people to respect the world they live in. Finally get a group of people outdoors practicing bushcraft skills without any techno gadgets, they start to talk.

Bushcraft For Kids not only teaches practical skills, it also teaches communication, respect, confidence.

Sadly we hear it brings said children/young people can’t do certain activities because it is dangerous, the risk is too great.

Stop Right There.

Many things are dangerous. But as a friend of mine Neil Woods who campaigns for drug law says about drugs. “Yes drugs are dangerous, that is why we must regulate them.” The same can be said about activities children are stopped from doing. They are dangerous, that is why we must educate our children about them. For example people often say you shouldn’t be teaching children about knives or fire lighting. They are right. It is dangerous, that is why we need to educate our children. Teach them respect and how to use tools and skills safely.

Taking risks is an important part of growing up. But with learning to manage and minimise risk we are equipping children and families to take on life, have fun and achieve.