Bushcraft Quiz

Here is our Bushcraft Survival Quiz. 15 questions about various aspects of bushcraft. Test your knowledge and see how you do.

Bushcraft Quiz

psychology of a survivor
Test your bushcraft/survival skills with our quiz

Test your general bushcraft survival knowledge.

When searching for edible plants, avoid:

Never eat any plant unless you are 100% certain you can identify it.

Food Glorious Food. Foraging is great.
1. Plants with umbrella shaped flowers.
2. All Are Correct.
3. Shiny leaves.
4. Never eat anything you can't be 100% certain you can identify.
5. Plants with thorns.

The rule of threes is an important concept. What order of priority do these go in?

This rule could save your life and those around you.

The Rule of Three
1. 4. Air, food, shelter/fire/, water
2. 1. Air, food, water, shelter/fire.
3. 3. Air, shelter/fire, water, food.
4. 2. Shelter/fire, air, water, food.

Air, shelter/fire, water, food

The rule of three is a method of prioritising survival tasks.

3 minutes without air

3 hours without necessary warmth, shelter/fire

3 days without water

3 weeks without food.

These are based on averages

What feature of the snake is used to determine if the snake is venomous?

When venturing somewhere new always research local animal, snakes etc along with plants. Keep safe.

A Poisonous Snake
1. tail
2. eyes
3. tongue
4. body

It's Eyes

Venomous snakes tend to have elliptical pupils, while non-venomous snakes have round pupils. This is not foolproof and I wouldn't recommend getting to close to check out a snakes eyes. For Example the poisonous coral snake has round pupils. 

Which of the following is likely to kill you the quickest?

Staying alive is a good idea. Knowing what can kill you, will help you do that.

Take care they are all killers
1. Dehydration.
2. Frostbite.
3. Hypothermia.
4. To much exposure to the sun.


Sun exposure, frostbite and dehydration can all kill but can take days. Hypothermia can kill in a matter of hours.

If your feet stay wet for a prolonged period, you can develop:

It is important to look after your feet. having a good routine to take care of them is essential.

Take care of your feet and they will take care of you
1. Smelly Feet
2. Athletes Foot
3. Arthritis of the toes
4. Trench Foot

Trench Foot

It is essential you have a good routine to take care of your feet, keeping the clean and dry applying talc etc. If you cant walk you have serious problems. Always take cae of your feet. Trench foot is a medical condition caused by prolonged exposure of the feet to damp, unsanitary, and cold conditions. It was also the number three injury, behind bullets and shrapnel, in both world wars, that decapacitated soldiers.

Where would be a good place to build a shelter?

Where is best for you?

1. Near a water source
2. On a cliff
3. None of these.
4. Under trees
5. A dry river bed.

Near a water source is a great place to build a selter if possible.

Staying near a source of water is a good idea when building a shelter. You should avoid natural hazards like cliffs and dry river beds. People often take about situational awareness and think it is in relation to urban survival. Being alert and aware of your surroundings can be the difference between life and death. Practicing observations skill as you see in our tracking articles will help. Observation isn't just about tracking it opens your eyes to your surroundings.

You Can't Live Without Water

Which symptom determines if you are experiencing severe dehydration?

You Can't Live Without Water
1. Rapid heart beat
2. Dizziness
3. Dry mouth
4. Vomiting and diarrhoea

Some bushcraft/survival skills are deemed to dangerous, what approach should you take whether teaching your self or others?

Danger can be anywhere, any situation, what are you going to do?

Staying safe
1. 1. Just get on and do it.
2. 4. Don’t do it, under any circumstances.
3. 3. Ask someone who knows what to do complete the task.
4. 2. Accept the risk and look for ways to minimise it before moving forward.

Accept the risk and look for ways to minimise it before moving forward.

Many things relating to bushcraft and survival have varying risks. You need to look at how you minimise risk. Then start the task. By managing risk you open up many new adventures. Don’t miss out, learn to manage risk, keep safe and enjoy life. This is an important life lesson to teach children through bushcraft.

What’s the most important survival tool for a novice in a jungle scenario?

Being in the jungle can be a tough place to survive, what would be the best item to take in with them?

Jungle Canopy, be equiped.
1. Machete.
2. Tarp
3. Water filter.
4. Fire starter.

Water Filter

The ability to start a fire is extremely important, however, for a novice who has limited survival skills, a water filter will help him or her to survive the longest. Without water they are unable to survive. Clean water is essential, if you became sick you cant build shelter orlight a fire. Digesting bacteria and viruses through drinking water can kill you without medical attention.

What is a bug out bag used for?

In Scouting the Motto is "Be Prepared!" How prepared are you, and what do you prioritise.

Be Prepared
1. A bag of survival gear to keep in your bug out location.
2. Keeping bugs from getting into your food storage.
3. . A small bag of Military MRE'S for camping or hiking.
4. Bag containing survival gear that you can grab quickly to escape trouble.

Bag containing survival gear that you can grab quickly to escape trouble.

Bug out bags are used to store survival gear and equipment that will help you evacuate your home and “bug out” to a predetermined, or open ended location. This is a term used by preppers.

What fungi can be used for fire lighting or carrying an ember?

Lighting fire with the resources you have around you is an important skill to learn. Remember practice makes permanent. 

Fire lighting an essential skill
1. 4. Dark Crazed Cap
2. 3. King Alfred’s Cake
3. 1. Hair Sedge Smut
4. 2. Powdery Piggyback

King Alfreds Cake

King Alfred’s Cake also known as Cramp Balls (Daldinia Concentrica) They are usually found on dead Ash trees. Interesting fact, According to legend, King Alfred once hid out in a countryside homestead during war, and was put in charge of removing baking from the oven when it was done. He fell asleep and the cakes burned. Daldinia concentrica is said to resemble a cake left to this fate.

Hypothermia Generally Only Happens in Cold Weather.

Stay warm, keep your core body temperature at it's optimum level.

Cold Kills
1. True
2. False


Hypothermia happens during all seasons and temperatures, During warm weather people go into cold water that leads to the lowering of your body temperature.

On Average, How Many Days Can You Survive Without Water?

Knowing about being deprived of water is essential to survive.

Water will save your life.
1. 7 days
2. 3 days
3. 5 days
4. 1 day

3 days

The human body begins severe dehydration, that leads to death in approximately 3 days.

What do lush vegetation and swarming insects often indicate?

Observing the enviroment is essential to get the most from the natural world.

Lush Green Vegetation
1. Fertile soil
2. Water
3. Dead animals
4. Edible Plants


Observation is an essential skill for bushcraft and or Survival Skills. Plant life, insects, bird flight paths and animal tracks can all point toward water sources.


In an emergency situation, drinking small amounts of salt water will keep you from dehydrating until fresh water can be found.

Stay hydrated, The number one rule.

Water essential for everyone
1. True.
2. False.


Drinking small amounts of salt water can make a bad situation worse very quickly. Drinking any amount of salt water will further dehydrate you and in larger quantities cause organ failure.

All 15 questions completed!

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