Fun Survivalist Quiz-Which Famous Survivalist Are You Like

survival quiz

Fun Survivalist Quiz.

Which Famous Survivalist Are You Like.

Four Questions to find out who you are like? Water, Fire, Shelter and Lost are the scenarios you will be asked about. Have a few minutes fun. You may be surprised. Dont forget to share it with your friends. They may be surprised.


Which Survivor Are You Most Like?

Lost In The Wilderness

Which survivor/adventurer are you most like? Which famous survivalist are you like?

Which Survivor Are You Most Like?

Question 1 of 4.

You need shelter and it looks like the weather is taking a turn for the worse, wet and cold. What course of action will you take.

Shelter can mean the difference of whether you will make it through the night. Hypothermia is a killer that will creep up on you and kill indescriminately. You need to protect yourself from the elements. 

1. Anything will do. Just get out of the cold. whether it is a sheep carcass or a camel carcass, it doesn't matter.
2. You have seem a variety of shelters in books and on Youtube. You can quickly build a shelter.
3. You assess what you have and what you need, then make a shelter to suit your needs.
4. You will sleep like the locals and use the materials they have used for generations
Question 2 of 4.

You have got disorientated and got lost. You are at the top of a fifty foot drop with no obvious way down. What do you do?

It is easy getting lost when in a survival situation and under stress. It is easy to become disorientated. You then may have to make some difficult decisions.

1. Shout, letting out your annoyance and frustration, then start looking for a solution to the problem.
2. You would never get lost. you are an expert at natural navigation skills.
3. Jump, it will make a good story to tell.
4. No problem the indigenous people taught you weave the vines and make a harness.You can climb down.
Question 3 of 4.

It is getting late and you need to get a fire lit. How are you going to get a fire started?

Fire is essential to survival, whether it is keeping warm, cooking or purifying water. There are many uses. It could save your life.

1. You just happen to have kindling in your pocket, a battery and chewing gum foil. Lighting fire is a novelty.
2. You have been carrying an ember around since your last fire
3. You always have, every day carry. Matches and fire lighters are at hand.
4. You Have been practicing friction fire and can see plenty of resources to get a fire going.
Question 4 of 4.

What would you do if you had no water?

You are getting thirsty and you need some water, what are you going to do

1. Drink from a stream, take your chances as you have no way to purify it.
2. Don,t be stupid you are always prepared and have a supply of bottled water with you.
3. Use an old Aboriginal technique to gather and purify your drinking water.
4. Drink your Urine

Dehydration, kills in 48 to 72 hours

Water is essential without it you will die. That is after suffering terrible symptoms as your internal organs start to shut down.

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Which Survivor Are You Most Like?

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