Leaf Hunt Challenge

Leaf Hunt Challenge.


Tree Identification, A Bushcraft Essential

To be able to practice bushcraft, there are a few essential skills you need to know to be able to practice the skills you learn. Tree identification is a bushcraft essential. It is only by knowing what resources are out there that we can learn to live with nature. Below you will find a Free Leaf Hunt Sheet. Children like to find leaves and learning what different trees are means they can then take part in other out door activities, whether it is making fire, cooking, making fish traps, traps and snares, tools and utensils for use around a camp. Not only can wood be used to burn as fuel it can be used as cordage, it can be carved, it can be used to make soap or even pain relief.

Next time you go for a walk take the sheet and have a leaf hunt. here are a few different ways to make learning about trees fun for children. I have met young people who believe milk is from the Supermarket and some that didn’t even realise that lamb came from an animal never mind young sheep. I have seen one girl try and reach out and touch a sheep, after seeing one for the first time. I don’t want to think of children not knowing what nature has to offer and the wonders that are on our doorsteps.

  1. On the walk choose one tree that you want to learn about. Then go out and try and find it. Then try and find different uses of the tree. Whether it is the leaves, bark, wood or even roots.
  2. Go out and try and find all the trees together, or a selection of the trees.
  3. Have a competition who can find most of the trees.
  4. With very young children collecting leaves is great fun.



Tree Identification and their bushcraft Uses

Grey Willow.

Silver Birch.


English Oak

Alder Buckthorn

Common Beech


Sweet Chestnut