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Drugs and Kids part 2 – Signs Of drug Use

By | June 26th, 2017|Bushcraft, Bushcraft News, Children And Bushcraft, Psychology|

 Kids and Drugs Part 2 - Signs of Drug Use What A Parent can do regarding Kids and Drugs? What Are The Signs Of Drug Use? After writing the initial [...]

Parents, Kids and Drugs An Alternative Approach

By | June 26th, 2017|Bushcraft News, Children And Bushcraft|

Parents, Kids and Drugs An Alternative Approach A Bushcraft Post With A Difference, Kids and Drugs This post is a little different to what you would normally find on this [...]

Observation, Memory, Concentration, Skills For Tracking and Life

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Essential Skills For Tracking And Life Observation, Memory, Concentration In a previous post I spoke about improving observation skills and gave some tips that can help not just children, but [...]

Perry Mcgee’s Essential Tracking Handbook

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Perry McGee Essential Tracking Handbook National Tracking School I recently got  a book through the post, it was Perry Mcgee's Essential Tracking Handbook. It is by Perry McGee and his [...]

One Skill to Teach Your Children. Observation Skills

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Observation Skills, What to teach your children I have worked outdoor in one way or another most of my adult working life. During this time I was fortunate to do [...]