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Adventure…. A must for everyone.

Where ever we turn we see “celebrities” and famous survival/bushcraft experts going off having an adventure. Most of these are to exotic places that most people are not likely to ever be able to visit. Deserts, jungles, isolated islands or extreme mountain ranges. These are often great programs and they cause us to think about doing similar things.

But what adventures can we experience. You may be thinking that the opportunities for people can be even more difficult to go on if you have children. Firstly we are can go on adventures and we can do them alone or with our children.

I look back at my childhood and it was full of adventure. When I went out to play with friends I would spend hours playing in local fields, making dens and pretending to be surviving on a desert island. I was a involved with scouting, which mention I learned lots of skills outdoor. My mum would take me walking with our dogs and I would climb local craggs and boulders. My family holiday was usually to stay with my uncle Frank, he was my hero who taught me to make an adventure out of everything I did.

I can hear people saying my children can’t go out and play in the local field because……. I will write another post about safety and playing out later.

What is important is we get our children outdoors, having fun and ditching technology (Most of the time.). Throughout this blog you will get ideas of things to do that will make your children and you able to experience adventure in many ways.

Mini adventures are great for every one. They can range from family sleep outs in the garden, days out, weekends away to longer adventures further afield.

What is important is that you and your family are getting outdoors, getting fresh air, having fun and learning new things.

Let the Fun and Adventure Start Now.

At this stage I have one word of advice.

Do not stop doing things because you feel uncomfortable. I recently ran a family survival weekends. I spoke with two single mums who I would never of imagined them sleeping outside and getting dirty doing bushcraft. They both said the same thing to me..”I don’t want my children to miss out because of me.” These two people more than earned my respect that weekend. They got stuck in had a go at every activity and ended up saying they enjoyed themselves.

Don’t waste time think about how you can get out and do more with your children and learn skills that will prepare them for life.


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