Bushcraft Mums Give It A Go. Encouraging Our Children

Over the last few months various bushcraft mums have been inspiring. It can be difficult to encourage some parents to get outdoors without there children. The most common being I don’t do camping I need a hotel to sleep in. I respect somethings are not for everyone. However recently I have seen mums taking the bull by the horns. They said they weren’t fans of camping out, but they gave it ago for there children.

Bushcraft kit

A selection of bushcraft kit

A mum told me that she had made a promise to herself that her children weren’t going to miss out on any experience because she wasn’t interested or didn’t like it. Both these mums camped out and took part in bushcraft skills.  The even seemed to enjoy it. It is seeing people do this that should inspire us to push our limits to ensure our children experience as much of life as possible.

For me that means experiencing outdoors, nature or environment. I have spoken with children who have never seen a sheep or understood where their food comes from. In my eyes bushcraft shows our children how amazing the world we live in is and what uses it has. This builds confidence in children and gives them skills that can help some many areas of their life.

Only this week I was speaking to one mum who told me each year she built a den with her son and slept out. They raised £179 last year. Bushcraft mums and kids never stop being a source of encouragement for all parents to as one author said “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Bushcraft mums are certainly at the front of getting children involved in outdoor activities.

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