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Families outdoor time makes a difference. nature and bushcraft

Let’s Make a Difference

Don't Give up, Lets Make a Difference

Don’t Give up, Lets Make a Difference

I was a serving police officer until I was assaulted on duty and I had a sudden change in my life. I went from working as an undercover officer to being in a wheelchair. It took about five years but I managed to get out of the wheel chair and walk properly again. At the same time I started going to a local scout group where my daughter was a Beaver. It wasn’t long and I was hooked and I went from being a parent helper to being a leader. I wanted to make a difference.
During this time I noticed that the children where doing less and less of what I had known as scouting activities when I was a child.  They seemed to spend most of the time completing art and craft activities and a lot of time indoors. When I spoke to other leaders from other groups the message was the same. The badges meant that leaders where being led away from various activities. I was told, activities were to dangerous, health and safety concerns, the leaders didn’t have the skills or experience to teach activities.
It just happened that the beaver leader had to leave and I quickly went from Assistant Beaver Leader to beaver Leader and saw an opportunity for change.


I started to think if an organisation like scouting isn’t getting children involved in outdoor activities what about all the other children. I once spoke to a parent and we started talking about the trees in the school grounds. The parent said “I only know one tree, Oak. The one that you get conkers from.” What can I say.

Bushcraft for kids was born.

I was fortunate in that I had a skill set that I had developed from being a child. Bushcraft and nature in general. So initially I started to incorporate as much as I could into scouting. I started with simple knots and types of trees etc. Then decided to do knife skills and fire starting. Initially some people said, it was dangerous. I agreed and said that was why it is important we teach safety and best practice from and early age. I saw many young people on the streets with knives. If they had been aware of the dangers, how to use it safely and respected the knife as a tool, maybe they would treat it differently. Waiting until a child is “Old enough” is too late.

Parents Make a Difference

The results were amazing not only did the children become more engaged so did the parents. Mums went camping, mums built dens, mums lit fires and mums used knives. I saw changes in children I never believed possible, it is possible to make a difference.

Families outdoor time makes a difference. nature and bushcraft

Families outdoor time makes a difference. nature and bushcraft

As parents you can also make a difference, in fact you can make a difference in an even bigger way. Putting aside a little time start with half an hour and do something different with your children. light a fire, collect leaves, do some of the activities on this site. Here is a list that may give you some ideas, it is from the Bushcraft For Kids Adventure Challenge.

You will find information on other posts of the benefits for children being outdoors and spending time with their parents. You can make a difference for your child, you can make them feel they matter.



Here are two rules to help.

  1. Don’t shy away from danger, manage risk.
  2. Keep safe, have fun .

That is the answer to the question “Castle, why do you do it?” I care about my children and all the other children I have contact with directly or indirectly and I want to make a difference. I know together we can

Please comment and share this post. Let us know what you get up to.

Together we can make a difference to our children and other children out there.


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