Bushcraft For Kids Summer Adventure Challenge

Summer Adventure Challenge

Bushcraft For Kids Summer Adventure Challenge

Summer is here and our children are looking for adventure and Excitement, The Bushcraft For Kids Summer challenge will give children just that. There are some simple silly things to do like splashing in puddles or making mud pies through to adventures for children to do with there parents or a suitable adult. You can adapt the activities to incorporate other skills if you prefer, for example, star gazing can be used to introduce night time navigation. How to find North at night.

Sleeping under the stars is one activity in the Bushcraft for Kids Summer Adventure Challenge. I believe this is something all children should experienc with a parent. It can be a magical experience sleeping under the stars. If it is your first time or you have young children you might want to sleep in the garden. Then you are near the toilets and if there is a change in the weather you could make a hasty retreat indoors. I would always recommend retreating and waiting for a dry night because you dont want to put your child off camping out and have them miss out on the wonders this world has to offer.

All your child needs to do is complete the activity then right the date they achieved it. Please leave comments below and post pictures of your children having fun and completing the challenges. There will be some spot prizes for children in the UK . These will be chosen at random. To enter all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter the winners will be published in that. If your name appears all you need to do is send an email and claim your prize.

Download the challenge below.


Below is an additional challenge. Any parents can set it for their children or it can be used by Beaver and Cub groups to gain the Personal Challenge Award.

Additional Challenge.

At the end of the download sheets you will find a challenge for children to keep their bedroon tidy over the summer holidays. Under that is another challenge, with a picture with question marks on it. The challenge is blank. It is there for parents to set a personal challenge for their child. This should be a challenge that is individual to the child. It should offer a challenge but be realistic. The child needs to know exactly what the challenge is, any boundaries and that it is achievable.

These challenges are sufficient for beavers and cubs to achieve the Personal challenge award, but is also a fun way to address any challenges in a childs life.